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Vehicle, Home & Buildings
Short term insurance can be a daring topic and forms part of most households, but what if you could save on your premium with the same cover or even better cover. Would you like to plan towards your future?

Vehicle Insurance has become a fundamental type of cover and can be seen as an essential rather than an option. Dangers are all around us and they are increasing daily, with so many cars on the road today its high risk no reward, thats not even including being a victim of crime.

We offer three types of cover for your vehicle:

  • Comprehensive (includes Accident Cover, Third Party, Fire & Theft).
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Third party only

Household Contents Cover can be defined as everything that gets packed into the moving truck. Everything in your home that has taken you years and years to accumulate can be gone in a moment, let us help you put it all back.

Cover for personal goods caters for your valuables that get carried outside of your house, this includes clothing, briefcases, sporting equipment etc. These items can also be specified such as laptops, cellphones, glasses, jewelry etc. for replacement value. Never forget that little things can go a long way.

Building insurance covers you as the individual against loss or damage to your physical structure on your property. This cover caters for your financial indemnification due to the loss or damage

If you like the water and love spending time on it, make sure a rough day doesn’t hurt you with some dangerous consequences.

  • Yachts, catamarans, dinghies, motor boats, rubber ducks and jet skis etc.
  • All machinery and motors, standard fittings, gears, equipment and fitted accessories included
  • Medical costs, third party liability and optional water-skiers liability cover is included
  • Transport of the Hull